Tulare Downtown Association

Tulare offers a unique downtown that combines small town personalization with suburban amenities. Years ago, as small-town America regrouped from the population's shift to "big-box stores" in regional shopping centers, local planners perfectly poised Tulare to assist an under-served market: small to medium-sized service businesses. Downtown Tulare is a business district: whether you're looking for a reasonably-priced location for a start-up venture or a satellite office for a far-flung corporation, downtown Tulare offers a perfect solution:

  • Your business reaps the financial benefits of being part of a California Enterprise Zone;
  • Your business is an easy commuter destination with convenient access and close proximity to State Highway 99, California's central transportation artery. Outbound sales and service people have nearly equidistant access to the four corners of California and we DON'T have bumper-to-bumper traffic!
  • You'll save money on leases with downtown Tulare's cornucopia of real estate options. From permanent locations to a short-term lease, Tulare offers a selection of office and retail spaces.
  • You and your employees or co-workers benefit because:
  • You'll enjoy efficient and easy access to:
    • several banks,
    • office supply stores;
    • quick and easy passport photo services,
    • a DMV office within the business district,
    • services such as copying, printing and shipping,
    • real estate and property-management companies,
    • a spacious, newly remodeled Post Office with lots of mailboxes for rent in a variety of sizes.
    • new state-of-the-art library with computer and WI-fi accessibility.
    • financial and insurance consultants,
    • law offices.
  • You get a choice of dining options as Downtown Tulare hosts over 20 food-related businesses ranging from fast-food franchises to smaller, locally-owned and operated ethnic restaurants incorporated, or within walking distance of, the business district;
  • You can easily maintain your youth, health and balance during or after a workday because Downtown Tulare offers easy and accessible personal care with a selection of:
    • salons and barber shops;
    • bookstores and healing rooms;
    • for the adventurous, an outdoor skate park.
    • shops specializing in outdoor/indoor hobbies
    • weight-lifting and work-out facilities close to your office,
    • full-service national-chain drug stores,
    • dentists, chiropractors and doctors.
    • (Downtown is home to Tulare's ambulance service and is only blocks from a major hospital).
  • Need a quick gift or just some "down" time to relax? Downtown Tulare offers an array of:
    • florists
    • gift shops,
    • boutique clothing stores,
    • antique and second-hand shops.
  • Downtown also boasts the only full-service furniture stores in Tulare making a relocation here easy and convenient.
  • You enjoy the convenience of within-walking-distance auto service businesses, tire stores and mechanics meaning you can get all those vehicle issues addressed while you work and easily pick up your car at the end of day without the hassle of arranging for rides or rentals.
  • You have access to a close, conveniently located well-appointed park, with tall, shady trees, a new orchestra-accommodating gazebo/stage and restrooms perfectly suited for large corporate or family events.

So, what makes downtown Tulare the best place for your business? Time-saving convenience.

Need help to explore your options in Tulare? Call the Tulare Downtown Association office for the information you need. TDA contracts with the City of Tulare to manage a 35-block downtown area and has or can find the answers you need. They can be reached at (559)685-2350. Click here for more information and upcoming events.